4 Bird Feeder Livestreams That Will Capture Your Attention

Do you love watching birds? Are you looking for something relaxing to grace your computer screen while you get some work done? If so, you’ll love these five bird feeder livestreams!

These livestreams offer a great opportunity to see a variety of birds from around the world up close and personal. It’s also a great introduction to the hobby. I love having these streams on my TV for some relaxing background noise.

1. Bird Feeder Livestreams – Bird Watching HQ – Ohio Bird Feeder Cam

Over 50 species observed!

This was the first bird feeder livestream camera I watched and it hooked me immediately. This livestream features dozens of different birds visiting a bird feeding station in Northeast Ohio. The camera is in the backyard of a suburban home and has a prime spot on the edge of some woods, making it a popular feeding station.

A lot of Cardinals, Finches, and Orioles (in the spring) can be found on this stream!

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2. Bird Feeder Livestreams – Cornell Lab Bird Cams Panama Fruit Feeder Cam

I enjoy watching live streams of bird feeders, which allow me to see birds that I wouldn’t have the chance to observe otherwise.

I love watching feeder live streams from around the world to see birds I wouldn’t usually see in my backyard. This Cornell Lab bird cam in El Valle de Antón, Panama scratches that itch. This camera is in the low mountains and near a stream with spring-like year-round climate.

You’ll see a ton of different unique, colorful birds chowing down on bananas or sipping some nectar on this stream. This is a great one to watch in the wintertime if you need some warm and colorful ambiance.

3. Gettysburg PA LiveCam

That’s a heck of a lineup!

This is another backyard bird feeding station livestream that I love, located in southern Pennsylvania. The stream claims more than 30 species stopping by at their variety of feeders. There are a lot of Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Grosbeaks, Finches, Orioles, and much more visiting to eat some of the many different foods they offer.

This stream also has the bonus of wildlife stopping by in the background. Deer, turkeys, and rabbits are all common visitors.

4. Hummingbird Spot – Live Hummingbird Feeder Cam

Holy smokes.

This station of five hummingbird feeders in Studio City, California will often have more than a dozen hummingbirds visiting at once. It’s incredible to see so many in one spot!

You’ll often spot Anna’s, Allen’s, Rufous, and Black Chinned Hummingbirds on this stream. It’s so busy on this stream that the feeders need to be refilled several times each day!