Birds Bites on WCCO 4 TV in Minnesota

Hi friends! I wanted to make a quick post about something exciting that happened today. I was lucky enough to talk about the hobby of bird feeding on the CBS 4 TV station in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can watch it via the link here!

I wanted to make two main points in this TV segment. First, that feeding the birds is approachable and fun for people of all ages. Second, there are also a ton of mental health benefits to birdwatching. If you haven’t considered trying this hobby yet, I hope these points can convince you to give it a try.

I’ve been overwhelmed by all the recent traffic and messages this segment has brought to Bird Bites. My goal is to respond to everyone, but please be patient if it takes me a little longer than I’d like. I’m so thankful you’re here! Happy bird feeding.

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