It’s Time for me Change Gears Here

Let’s just jump right into it: I’m changing gears and the direction of Dan’s Bird Bites, at least for the near future. Rather than putting out educational and informative content, I’m going to write more about my firsthand bird feeder observations, and focus on building up ideas for a consistent weekly bird feeding newsletter for my subscribers.

I want to be honest, it’s been tough for me to write here lately. I’ve prided myself on writing fun and educational content to attract more readers to this exciting hobby (and the website). However, I feel like I’ve been going through the motions on content lately, and haven’t been excited about it. That, and viewership to this blog has tanked over the last month.

I’m not 100% sure why, but I think this is in part due to changes that recently happened with Google algorithms. I’ve gone from hundreds of readers a day to a couple dozen. It’s frustrating to spend so much time trying to put out great content to build readership, only to see it shatter to pieces.

So, I need to do something different in an effort to get my joy back for bird feeding and writing about it. That’s what this is all about.

I just signed up for Project FeederWatch, it’s an annual program put on by Cornell University that guides amateur birders on how to submit weekly bird counts from their feeders in the name of science. Starting later this week, I’m going to focus on sharing what I’m seeing at my bird feeders on Dan’s Bird Bites and tying it into Project FeederWatch.

This blog is going to become much more personal and observation-based. This doesn’t mean that I will stop writing informative stories when a topic strikes me. I’ll continue doing that on the newsletter. But, I need to give myself permission to take a break.

My hope is that you all will enjoy stories that are a little more personal and fun. Maybe it will inspire more people to start this hobby and take part in FeederWatch. Taking part costs less than $20 and helps scientists with tracking bird populations. It’s a fun way to be involved in efforts to help bird populations!

This is going to be a change of focus here, but it’s not the end. Trying a new approach is needed and I look forward to building the community here.

Wishing you the best and hoping you’ll stick with me.


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