This Tray Bird Feeder is Affordable and Draws in Birds…But Watch the Paint

I love a tray bird feeder. They’re a great option to attract a lot of birds because they hold a lot of seed while providing stability and open space. Bigger birds like Mournings Doves, Northern Cardinals, and Blue Jays can all easily visit.

So, when Kingsyard reached out to me to offer a complimentary bird feeder to try and share with my readers, I selected their tray bird feeder with two sections for different bird feed.

A man filling a tray bird feeder with suet nugget bird feed on an apartment patio.
I loved putting in suet nuggets into one section of this bird feeder.

I want to be clear, Kingsyard gave me this feeder for free (thank you). I may be eligible for compensation as a result of this article. However, I will be providing an honest review based on my experience with it. Let’s jump in.

What I Love About This Feeder

This bird feeder is affordable and accessible for numerous birds. Tray bird feeders provide space and stability for larger birds that need it, and this one was no exception.

The unique aspect of this feeder is the two sections. So, you have space to offer two separate types of bird seed at a time.

I experimented quite a bit and loved the results with sunflower chips, peanuts, suet bites, and white millet.

What I loved the most is how many birds enjoyed this feeder. It easily accommodated a half-dozen birds.

Here are some birds I saw using this feeder below. I’m sure many more species will also love using it.

  • American Crow
  • American Goldfinches
  • Black Capped Chickadees
  • Blue Jays
  • Downy Woodpeckers
  • House Finches
  • Mourning Doves
  • Northern Cardinals
  • White Breasted Nuthatches

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What I Don’t Love About This Feeder

Due to rain and snow, the green paint started to peel off of this feeder just a few weeks into me using it.

To be blunt, I would not recommend buying one that comes painted if you plan on using a feeder in the winter with a lot of snow.

There’s an option for a plain wood feeder on the Kingsyard website, but its sold out right now. Another option is to buy this feeder and sand off the paint if you notice it chipping.

So, this feeder isn’t weather resistant. If you live in a dry and nice climate, this is a near-perfect bird feeder. But, snow and rain will wear down the paint.

Tray feeders (not just this one) also don’t provide shelter from the elements for the bird seed. So, I’d recommend not filling this feeder completely. If you have bird seed in a tray feeder during rain or snow, you’ll need to empty it out quickly to avoid mold.

Should You Buy and How to Buy?

A man holding a tray bird feeder and a bird feeder that looks like a cup of coffee.
Me with the tray feeder and a coffee cup bird feeder, which I reviewed here.

I’d recommend this feeder to a more advanced bird feeder looking to expand their offerings and really increase the amount of birds that will visit. This feeder accomplishes that. I had many more birds visiting with this feeder out.

But, if you’re just getting started with bird feeding, I’d recommend starting with a hopper or tube bird feeder instead. These provide more cover for bird seed so that you don’t have to monitor it as often.

This feeder will also be great in warm climates, or during the summertime. I’d avoid using it if the feeder will get wet.

There are two options for buying this feeder. You can get it directly off their website and also use my discount code Dansbird for 15% off. I also see that it’s listed on Amazon. It’s worth checking out both to see if there are any specials, etc.

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