Bird Seed Donations

A trifold image of me filling bird feeders in the snow, a hopper bird feeder with sunflower seed and a suet feeder.
Filling the bird feeders at a local senior apartment during a cold January morning!

I’ve found simple joy in donating bird seed and bird feeders to local nursing homes and senior centers in my spare time. It’s an easy way for me to give back in a small way to my community, especially during these turbulent times.

I currently donate and fill the feeders at five centers in the Twin Cities metro and would love to expand my efforts to share the simple joy of bird feeding with others!

If you know of a local organization or individual that could use donated bird seed, I encourage you to reach out to me:

I drop off bird seed and also fill feeders free of charge. I can deliver in the Twin Cities metro and typically do so on weekends.

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