The Favorite Birds of 8 Famous People

Birds are beloved by a ton of people, including celebrities and historical figures!

Here’s a fun compilation of famous people (both past and present) and their favorite birds, puled from a variety of sources and articles. You’ll find presidents, signers, actors, and more on this list.

1. Jennifer Lopez – Hummingbirds

rufus, hummingbird, birds-4925600.jpg
This is a Rufous Hummingbird. They can fly 2,000 miles during their migration!

Famous actress and singer Jennifer Lopez loves Hummingbirds. So much that she decorated her Christmas tree with hummingbird ornaments, viewing them as a symbol of love (full story: Hola!). Who can blame her? Hummingbirds are a favorite sight at bird feeders for many in the spring and summer during their migrations.

It’s unclear which of the 300+ species of hummingbirds is J-Lo’s favorite, but she (and anyone else living on this listing) is more than welcome to email me with clarification.

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2. Sean Bean – American Kestrel

american kestrel, hawk, falcon-5119239.jpg birds
The American Kestrel is also known as the sparrow hawk.

Sean Bean forever represents Boromir (RIP) from Lord of the Rings in my mind. You may also know him for roles in Game of Thrones, James Bond…or even National Treasure.

Bean’s favorite in the avian world is the American Kestrel. In an interview, he mentions having a licensed Kestrel.

The American Kestrel is the smallest Falcon in North America, measuring between 9 to 12 inches. They enjoy eating frogs, bugs, other birds, snakes, mice, and lizards.

3. Jimmy Carter – Painted Bunting

painted bunting, tree trunk, birds -7384532.jpg
The multi-colored Painted Bunting!

Jimmy Carter is one of several United States Presidents on this list. There’s an extensive history between Presidents and bird companionship detailed in this Audubon blog story.

Carter, the 39th U.S. President, is a well known avid bird watcher. I couldn’t find a specific source for his favorite bird, but this article in Bird Watching Daily has a great story about the former President seeing his first Painted Bunting. With that, I hope former-President Carter doesn’t mind me putting the Painted Bunting near the top of his list of favorite birds. I’m sure he has many.

The Painted Bunting is stunning and looks like something a kindergartner colored in art class, with a vivid mix of blue, red, green and yellow. I’m sad these don’t visit my neck of the woods in Minnesota. They’re common in the south-central and south-eastern United States. Here’s their range map from the Cornell Bird Lab if you’re curious.

4. Jeremy Clarkson – Peregrine Falcon

raptor, peregrine falcon, falcon-2745549.jpg
This is a very fast bird.

Well known for his starring role in vehicle TV Shows Top Gear and The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson is a fan of birdwatching and previously mentioned the Peregrine Falcon as his favorite bird in a blog post.

It’s a fitting bird for him as the Peregrine Falcon is one of the fastest birds in the world. It can reach speeds around 200 miles per hour during dives (Audubon).

5. George Washington – Parrot

parrot, yellow macaw, birds -3418427.jpg
This is a photo for representation purposes only. It’s unclear to me what kind of color/type of Parrot George Washington had

George Washington’s wife, First Lady Martha Washington, had a Parrot as a pet, according to the Presidential Pet Museum. The Parrot was either named Snipe or Polly (I’ve found sources referencing both names).

6. Wes Craven – California Condor

nature, wildlife, bird-3274021.jpg

Wes Craven is a well-known director for horror films like Scream and A Nightmare on Elm Street. The Audubon Society has a great story linked here highlighting his love for birding and refers to his favorite bird as the California Condor. Craven also served on the California Audubon board.

California Condor’s are fascinating birds. They mate for life and are a holdover bird from prehistoric times.

Sadly, the California Condor is critically endangered. There were just a couple dozen left in the 1980s. Their population has rebounded to a few hundred in California, Utah, and Arizona.

7. Michael Jackson – Parrot

parrot, bird, feathers-6342271.jpg

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, had many birds as pets but his favorite was a Parrot named Rikky (The Mirror). Jackson enjoyed the bird so much that it was allowed to live with him inside his mansion.

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8. Dwight Eisenhower – Parakeet

bird, zoo, parakeet-1435859.jpg
Eisenhower’s Parakeet was named Gabby and was hit with his Grandchildren at the White House.

34th President Dwight Eisenhower was well known as Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe during World War II, but he had a soft spot for his Parakeet named Gabby. The bird died while he was in office and was buried on the Southwest corner of the White House grounds, according to Audubon.

Parakeets are beloved pets by millions. They’re one of the most common pet birds in America.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading! Did I miss any bird-fan celebrities you know of? I welcome your suggestions in the comments below or at my email:

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