My Review of Mr. Bird Flaming Hot Bird Seed – What You Need to Know

Did you know that with a little spice, you can slow down squirrels from eating your bird seed? Enter Mr. Bird Flaming Hot Bird seed.

Squirrels, like humans, taste spice intensely and are repelled away from food that’s too hot to handle. Birds have significantly fewer taste buds than mammals. So, they can’t taste and aren’t bothered by spicy bird seed. According to Wild Birds Unlimited, birds may even enjoy the taste of spicy food.

I’ve had decent success getting rid of squirrels by spicing up my birdseed and wanted to try something new. I’ve seen Mr. Bird Flaming Hot Feast products in several stores and online. So, I was curious to give it a try to see if it would keep squirrels away, while also being appealing and popular with my visiting birds.

Read on below to find out what I loved and didn’t love about this product and if I’d ultimately recommend you buy it.

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Note: I was not paid or endorsed to write this review. I was given complimentary samples of this seed through my partnership with, which sells the product. However, my views below are 100% based off how the product worked for me.

Mr. Bird Flaming Hot Bird Seed
Mr. Bird Flaming Hot Feast has a combination of sunflower seed, safflower, peanuts and mealworms. You can get it as a seed mix, or stuck together in cylinder or block shapes.

Things I Like About Mr. Bird Flaming Hot Bird Seed

-This seed mix did a good (not perfect) job of keeping squirrels away from my bird feeder. They usually ended up going away or focusing their attention on other non-spicy food I offer on the ground. At the very least, it slowed down the squirrels from eating up all the seed.

-My neighborhood birds really like this mix. I noticed House Finches, Sparrows, Downy Woodpeckers, Cardinals, Chickadees, Juncos, and Goldfinches all regularly eating this bird seed. Flaming Hot Feast has a combination of sunflower seed, safflower, peanuts and mealworms. So, this makes it appealing to the vast majority of feeder songbirds that will visit your backyard.

-The Mr. Bird spicy cylinder product lasts for a long time while being especially appealing for Cardinals, Woodpeckers and Nuthatches. Also, pest birds like House Sparrows and Starlings seem to not bother trying to pry seed away from the cylinder.

-The seed is already pre-spiced. So, you don’t have to do any work. Just put it in a feeder and you’re good to go. You’ll want to wear gloves and be sure to avoid getting any dust or seed near your eyes.

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Things I Don’t Like About Mr. Bird Flaming Hot Bird Seed

-It’s not 100% squirrel-proof (but very few things are). At the very least, it will slow squirrels down and they’ll seek alternatives. One thing I do is leave a cheap suet block or cracked corn out in the ground for squirrels. They took that over the spicy seed every time.

-Like all spiced bird seeds, this product is more expensive than “regular” bird seed. However, the additional cost is negligible because you’ll end up having more seed at your feeders left alone by squirrels.

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The Final Rating: 9/10 (Fantastic Investment)

This stuff is great and I will continue regularly using it at my bird feeding station. It’s nice to keep the squirrels away from my main bird feeders. This seed is also much easier to use than the anti-squirrel spicy powders and sauces on the market.

My main selling point on this product is the seed mix. The variety of ingredients draw in a ton of different birds. It’s an effective squirrel-deterrent and great bird seed overall.

You can buy the seed easily from Amazon here. There are also seed cylinders for sale on Amazon. You can also find both products and a few other variations from

Looking for more information on how spice keeps squirrels away? Check out the helpful video below!

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