Review: This Hopper Bird Feeder is a Disappointment

I recently bought the Kingsyard two-for-one seed and suet hopper bird feeder from Amazon. It has a unique design and I wanted to test if it would be a good fit for my rotating suet and seed bird feeders.

While I was impressed by the design and look of this feeder, I was ultimately disappointed as most of my neighborhood birds avoided using it. I wanted to write a review on the feeder and my experience with it as a bird feeding hobbyist who’s used a ton of different bird feeders over the years. I’ll list what I liked, didn’t like, and some alternative feeders for you below.

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What I Liked About This Bird Feeder

A man opening a hopper bird feeder for refilling.
This feeder has a metal holder that detaches. The roof then lifts up for re-filling the seed.

What drew me to this feeder was its unique shape and design. I thought it would be fun to draw birds in to eat seed in the middle compartment of this feeder while also drawing in woodpeckers with the suet cages on the side. Hopper bird feeders are great to have as they offer ample space for birds of all sizes to use. Having two suet cages is a nice bonus.

This feeder seems sturdy and was easy to set up and refill. You just need to lift off the top. It has drainage holes beneath to help keep seed dry. It’s also easy to clean.

I also loved the price of this feeder. It’s extremely affordable for a hopper feeder and bought mine for $27.99 off Amazon (price subject to change).

What I Disliked About This Bird Feeder

A hopper bird feeder out in the winter with suet and sunflower seed.
This is what the bird feeder looked like with suet and sunflower seeds in it.

Man…this feeder was so close to being a great find. But, it failed for me at its most important task: Being appealing for birds. I had this feeder out for two weeks and my birds seemed confused on how to use it. Downy Woodpeckers were content to use my suet log feeder and didn’t go for any of the suet I put in this.

I only saw one bird use the center area: An adventurous White-Breasted Nuthatch that had to fly by it half a dozen times before figuring it out. Otherwise, I’m sad to report that the only other thing that ate from the center of this feeder was a very happy gray squirrel. After trying for weeks, I brought this feeder in and haven’t used it since.

Another thing I didn’t love: It doesn’t have a ton of space for seed in the middle. The open center concept looks neat, but I could only fit in a small amount of sunflower seed at a time.

My Final Take

This feeder isn’t all bad, but I I feel there are better alternatives on the market worth exploring.

If you’re looking for a suet and hopper bird feeder, I prefer the Solution4Patio Homes Cedar Bird Feeder. My birds love it and I prefer the wood look versus metal. It can also hold two suet cakes and much more bird seed compared to this feeder. Here’s my detailed review linked here. This DutchCrafters feeder is also highly rated on Amazon as a more colorful and higher-end option.

A hopper bird feeder with space for suet cakes.
This was immediately more popular for my birds when I put it back out.

I hope you found this review helpful. If you have questions or comments, I always welcome those:

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