I Tested One of the Cheapest Bird Feeders on Amazon

As I continue my never-ending quest of reviewing bird feeders and bird seed, I bought one of the cheapest bird feeders on Amazon: The iBorn tube bird feeder.

Buying a cheap bird feeder is a gamble. My infamous story of when I started bird feeding years ago is that I bought a cheap, plastic feeder online that arrived to my apartment in pieces. I had to piece it together with scotch tape to make it semi-functional. Not ideal.

However, this feeder was the exact opposite experience. I noticed it had 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon with an attractive price tag at $19 (subject to change). It arrived in a nice box and I put it out on my patio a couple weeks ago.

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I love this feeder, especially if you’re new to bird feeding. It’s a popular stop for my neighborhood birds and it’s easy to use. It’s not made of top-of-the-line materials, but it’s made well enough to stand up to weather and wear and tear.

A bag of sunflower chips next to a tube bird feeder.
Ahhh…bird feeding and football. Perfect.

The iBorn tube feeder has six aluminium feeding ports with a durable metal top. The ports being metal is important in avoiding damage from squirrels. The tube is made of a strong enough plastic.

This feeder isn’s squirrel-proof. It was pretty popular with squirrels when I put it out. I’d recommend pairing this feeder with a squirrel baffle of some kind.

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Here’s how the feeder looks like right now outside of my apartment:

A picture showing the iBorn tube bird feeder, one of the cheapest bird feeders I could find on Amazon.
The iBorn metal bird feeder hanging from my apartment balcony.

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Where to Buy the iBorn Bird Feeder

Here are your purchasing options for this feeder below. I’m listing as many as I can find so you can compare prices. Mine was around $19, but that’s subject to change over time. Overall, I couldn’t find a ton of options:

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