The Yankee Droll Squirrel-proof bird feeder

Is a $150 Bird Feeder Worth it? Reviewing the Squirrel-Proof Droll Yankee Flipper

Squirrels returned to my bird feeders recently with a vengeance. I’m a huge proponent of using squirrel-proof bird feeders if you want to save money on bird seed and wanted to try something new to keep them at bay. Enter the Droll Yankee Flipper Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder. I saw it listed at about $150 on Amazon. I’ve never spent this much on a bird feeder before, but decided to splurge and write about my experience with it.

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Review: A Cheap Bird Seed Cardinals Will Love

It’s no secret on my blog that the mighty Northern Cardinal is my favorite bird to visit my feeders. I’ve been testing out different bird seeds from Amazon recently and was impressed with the price and quality of the Audubon Park Cardinal Blend as a bird seed Cardinals will love.