Five Highly Rated Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders for Sale Online

As a bird feeding enthusiast for several years, I love preaching the benefits of splurging on squirrel proof bird feeders. If you want to avoid feeding squirrels, it’s well worth buying one. Squirrels can eat pounds of bird seed a day and are crafty about getting to bird feeders. The best thing you can do is buy something to shut them out!

I’ve deployed a mix of squirrel-proof feeders from my apartment balcony for years and I hardly get any squirrels anymore. They’ve given up! That would have been impossible for me to imagine when I got started with this hobby. I was overrun with squirrels.

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I’d recommend starting with one squirrel-proof feeder at a time to see how it works for you. If you’re having a ton of squirrel problems, it’s worth taking all of your bird feeders down that aren’t squirrel proof until they go away. That’s the approach that worked well for me! If they ever come back, I just switch back to my squirrel-proof system for a week or two. Works like a charm.

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For this story, I scanned Amazon as my primary source, but also listed any alternative online stores for shopping comparison. Each product needed to have at least 100 reviews of 4 stars or more to be considered for this list.

I will regularly scan this article and its links over time, but please bear with me and let me know in the comments below if any links are out-of-date, or if you know of any other shopping options.

1. The Squirrel-Buster Bird Feeder

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders - A Squirrel-Buster squirrel proof bird feeder for sale on Amazon.

About This Feeder

  • This is a tube squirrel-proof feeder with a weight-sensitive system. The ports at the bottom close if something too heavy (like a squirrel) tries to perch on it.
  • Its exterior is metal. So, squirrels can’t bite through it.
  • A nice element of this feeder are the metal perches. Birds of all-sizes can hang comfortably and use it!
  • I inherited this feeder from my Dad and have used it for years. I can confirm squirrels have never gotten into it…and it’s lasted a long time! I absolutely love this feeder. That’s why I have it listed first!
  • I usually stick with smaller-seed bird feed for this feeder: Sunflower seed, safflower, and millet have all worked well.
A hopper bird feeder, suet log bird feeder and squirrel-proof feeder set up on a patio.
The Squirrel-Buster feeder I have is on the right hand side of this display.

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2. Squirrel Solution200 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders - The Squirrel Solution200 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder for sale on Amazon.

About This Feeder

  • Weight-sensitive design shuts the feeding ports when squirrels try to get in it. Metal exterior cage prevents squirrels from damaging it.
  • This bird feeder comes with a seed funnel that can be used for re-filling. You just need to detach it from the bottom when you first get it ready.
  • It also has a secure locking lid to stop squirrels from getting into it from the top.

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3. Squirrel-Buster Squirrel Proof Suet Feeder

The Squirrel-Buster Squirrel Proof Suet Feeder for sale on Amazon.

About This Feeder

  • I wanted to include a squirrel-proof suet feeder on this list. Amazon reviewers endorse that this feeder works well, while remaining attractive for Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Nuthatches, and more.
  • This is a larger suet feeder. So, it has plenty of room for larger birds like Pileated Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, and Red-Bellied Woodpeckers to perch on comfortably.
  • It has a spring-loaded weight system that closes over the suet cake if a squirrel hangs on it.
  • It’s a little pricy, but if squirrels are gobbling up your suet…this is built to last and should pay for itself over time in lost suet.

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4. The Yankee Flipper Bird Feeder

The Yankee Flipper Bird Feeder for sale on Amazon.

About This Feeder

  • This is a funny squirrel-proof bird feeder. Unlike the weight-sensitive designs of previous feeders on the list, this feeder will spin squirrels off of it when they’re on the perch.
  • Built to last and has a long battery life. Amazon reviews back these points up.
  • This feeder is big. It holds five pounds of bird seed at once.
  • Has a lifetime warranty and customer support.
  • Overall, this is an expensive feeder. But its long-lasting materials and customer support make it worth considering.

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5. Metal Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

A Metal Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder for sale on Amazon.
Photo: Amazon

About This Feeder

  • This is the most affordable squirrel-proof feeder on this list!
  • Has a weight-sensitive design to close the feeding ports up if a squirrel dangles on it.
  • Holds two pounds of bird seed.
  • Strong marks from Amazon reviewers for its effectiveness, approachability, and ease-of-use.

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Wrapping Up

I hope this listing is helpful for you as you explore adding a squirrel proof feeder to your yard. I find one (or several) to be worth it if you want to avoid feeding squirrels and to save money on bird feed over time.

I’m open to your questions and product suggestions in the comment section below. Thanks a bunch for reading Dan’s Bird Bites!