This Unique Phone Booth Bird Feeder Can Spice up Your Yard

I recently bought this MrCrafts phone booth bird feeder for my Grandpa-in-law for Christmas. I decided that I would put together a comprehensive review if you’re also looking for a unique feeder for your display, or as a gift.

Why should you listen to me? I’ve been feeding birds for years and have tested dozens of bird feeders. My goal is to make my reviews as honest and straightforward as possible. I love the hobby of bird feeding and helping others consider it.

So, getting right into my bottom line on this product: This is a great, sturdy bird feeder with a unique flair that you should consider as an addition to your bird feeding display.

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Here’s what the bird feeder looked like in the box. I bought mine from Amazon.

A picture of a phone booth bird feeder in its box from Amazon.

When I first saw the feeder out of the box, I was immediately impressed with the design. It’s made of sheet metal. So, it should stand up to any weather and critters, like squirrels, who may try biting through it.

This feeder is also fun and unique. A problem with a lot of bird feeders is that they come with the same typical designs. It’s fun to hang something up that stands out!

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The seed in the feeder comes out into a tray with two metal perches. There’s plenty of room for birds of all sizes to camp out on it.

The feeder was an immediate hit for the Sparrows in my Grandfather-in-law’s hedge. It was also a random rainy Christmas day, and the feeder did a good job keeping the seed inside dry. It has drainage holes in the tray that also help.

A bird feeder shaped like a phone booth.
This feeder was immediately put to the test with rain.

The product dimensions, per Amazon, are 6″L x 6″W x 8.5″H. It weighs just under two pounds.

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The only negative aspect of this feeder is that it’s not squirrel-proof. You’ll want to hang it in a place where squirrels can’t reach it, or with a squirrel baffle on a pole.

Where to Buy this Phone Booth Bird Feeder

Here are your purchasing options for this feeder below. I’m listing as many as I can find so you can compare prices. Mine was just under $20, but that’s subject to change over time.

Please let me know in the comments or email if any of these links become out of date. I try to keep up with them, but often fall behind.