This Coffee Cup Bird Feeder Blends Your Obsession with Caffeine and Birds

I usually have at least three bird feeders hanging from my apartment balcony. I also have numerous feeders in storage. Long story short, I don’t need another bird feeder.

But, I couldn’t help but impulse buy this 30 Watt to-go coffee cup bird feeder a couple months ago.

Why? Because if you know me, you know that I love birds and several cups of coffee each day. How could I resist?!

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I’m a sucker for unique looking bird feeders. I love to spice things up and have a nice looking bird feeding display. I immediately started filling this feeder up with peanuts for birds and have had great results.

Link to Purchase this Coffee Cup Bird Feeder is here

A bird feeder shaped like a coffee cup filled with peanuts.
I also loved that the peanuts looked similar to coffee beans.

I wanted to put together a short story reviewing this product as I had several fellow coffee and bird lovers reach out to me on Instagram about it.

To sum it up, I love both how this feeder looks and how it’s made.

There’s a nice little tray at the bottom that helps prevent bird seed from getting all over the ground. It also provides a solid base for bigger songbirds to perch on.

This feeder is solidly made with metal. So, it’s hearty and weather-resistant. It also has two perches and ports. It’s not a huge bird feeder, but I can host several visitors all at once.

So far, here are birds that I’ve seen using this feeder:

  • American Goldfinches
  • Black Capped Chickadees
  • Blue Jays
  • Downy Woodpeckers
  • House Finches
  • House Sparrows
  • Northern Cardinals
  • White Breasted Nuthatches

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This feeder isn’t squirrel proof. So far I’ve been lucky that no squirrels have discovered it, but I’d consider add a baffle over this feeder.

The only other drawback I can think of is that this feeder doesn’t hold a ton of bird seed. It has a 44-ounce capacity. This is one of the smaller bird feeders I have in my collection. Consider filling it with black oil sunflower seed or thistle seed, which will last longer versus unshelled bird seeds.

Overall, I love this feeder and I still have it hanging up! I’d recommend this feeder to anyone who loves coffee, or if you’re looking for a unique gift to someone.