11 Fun and Unique Bird Feeders for Sale Online

A lot of bird feeders look exactly the same. There are countless tube, house and tray feeders at every hardware store. So, if you want to bring more flare to your yard, you should invest in unique bird feeders to bring some pizzazz!

Looking to spice up your backyard buffet? I combed through Amazon results to find the most unique (and funny) bird feeders that money can buy. These are great change up options for your yard and will also make for an awesome gift for the bird feeder in your life.

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Unique Bird Feeders #1 – Exhart Spinning Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder

Unique Bird Feeders - The Exhart Spinning Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder

So…how fun is this? This Ferris wheel bird feeder has chair compartments for bird seed with perches on them. So, if a bird lands on a platform, it lightly spins the wheel around. So, the birds get food AND A FUN RIDE! This can feed more than a dozen birds at a time and is more than eight feet tall. And it also has high customer ratings, so it’s buyer approved!


Unique Bird Feeders #2 – A Colorful Solar Bird Feeder

Unique Bird Feeders - A Solar Bird Feeder on Amazon
This feeder charges up during the day and lights up when it’s dark

This is a two-for-one deal. It’s a bird feeder and a nighttime ornament for your yard. The feeder, using solar power, charges up during the day and lights up at night for up to 12 hours. I love that I found this. Because it also has a sturdy tray at the bottom with large perches, it should accommodate just about any bird that you’d want at your feeding station. So, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Chickadees, you name it.

Unique Bird Feeders #3 – A Tire Swing Bird Feeder

Unique Bird Feeders - A tire swing bird feeder.

This (ceramic) tire swing feeder is another fun way to feed your birds while giving them the same joy you felt on the elementary school playground tire swing. It’s affordable too. Because this is a smaller bird feeder, you should take caution to hang it out of reach of squirrels, who could easily chew through the hanging string.

Let’s be honest though, this is more for decoration and fun versus feeding as many birds as possible.

Unique Feeders #4 – A Metal Mesh Butterfly Bird Feeder

A Metal Mesh Butterfly Bird Feeder
Song birds can easily perch on the metal mesh in the middle of this feeder.

This is another affordable feeder with a fun design that also holds 2.5 pounds of bird seed. You’ll want to stick with larger seeds to avoid having them slip through the mesh. There are no perches on this feeder, making it a good fit for smaller birds, like Chickadees and Finches, who will be able to perch on the mesh in the middle.

There are other designs available too: A Cardinal and the sun, for example.

Unique Feeders #5 – A Solar RV At-Home Bird Feeder

A Solar RV At-Home Bird Feeder from Amazon
A welcome sign?! Now we’re talking.

Another solar feeder! This one is in the design of a fun summer camper. This feeder stores up sunlight during the day and has an LED light that turns on at night. The seed goes in a top hatch with birds able to eat from the wiring below. Like all mesh feeders, stick with larger seeds to avoid having them fall through the cracks.

Who’s ready for a road trip?

Unique Bird Feeders #6 – An Old Man Tree-Face Bird Feeder

A photo of a face you can insert into a tree, creating a bird feeder.
The bird seed goes into the mouth.

This bird feeder, and funny garden decoration, adds a fun twist to a tree in your yard. All you have to do is hang the eyes and mouth bird seed parts to a tree (the Amazon package comes with nails) and you’re ready to go!

Unique Bird Feeders #7 – A British Phone Booth Bird Feeder

A bird feeder shaped like a telephone booth full of bird seed.
I bought this feeder for my Grandpa-in-law for Christmas. It quickly had to stand up to some rainy weather!

A bird feeder take on a British phone booth with a platform on the bottom for birds to perch on and grab seed.

The feeder is an affordable and a fun way to add some British flare to your garden. Fish and chips not included.

I bought this feeder as a Christmas gift and was impressed with the design. It’s made of metal, so it should stand up to any weather and critters like squirrels who may want to bite through it. The feeder was an immediate hit for the Sparrows in my Grandfather-in-law’s hedge! I can certainly recommend this feeder as a gift for someone who could use a unique feeder.

Unique Bird Feeders #8 – Road Tripping Car (With Surf Board!) Bird Feeder

Road Tripping Car (With Surf Board!) Bird Feeder
I imagine the surfboard on top would be a good photo opportunity for your birds!

This is a hand-painted metal car feeder that holds up to 27 ounces (1.6 pounds) of bird seed. Amazon reviewers like the way this feeder is made and how it brightly stands out in their yard. Because this is another mesh feeder with no specific perches, it’s ideal feeder for chickadees and other clinging birds.

Unique Bird Feeders #9 – Smiling Tree Man Bird Feeder

A tree-man shaped bird feeder that can be placed on the ground and filled with bird seed.
This bird feeder screams Halloween to me.

So, this one is giving me a fall/Halloween vibe for your yard and would be a unique garden piece. It can be placed on the ground, but it also comes with a rope in the Amazon order for hanging. Made of resin and natural stone powder.

Unique Bird Feeders #10 – A Cow Mesh Bird Feeder

A Cow Mesh Bird Feeder with dangly legs.
No milk is included with this feeder (probably for the best).

Finally, I had to get in one more animal feeder option. Who wouldn’t want a COW BIRD FEEDER at their house? This is another feeder that will only be suitable for smaller birds that can cling to the metal mesh. So you’ll want to use larger seeds like sunflower to avoid having food slip through. There are other design options available too: A barn, Goldfinch, moose and pig, to name a few.

Unique Bird Feeders #11 – A Coffee Cup Bird Feeder

A coffee cup-shaped bird feeder filled with peanuts.

This is a feeder I couldn’t resist buying for myself. It combines my love of two things: Birds and coffee!

So far I’ve enjoyed putting peanut bits and sunflower seed in this feeder and I’ve seen Northern Cardinals, Black-Capped Chickadees, White-Breasted Nuthatches, House Finches, Goldfinches, and Dark-Eyed Juncos using it! The feeder has two perches and holes but also has a solid base to help support larger birds.

This has been a home run for me so far. I love this feeder and am sure you will too.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you found some fun and unique bird feeding options through this post. Bird feeding is such a fun hobby, and adding some personality to your feeding station is another fun aspect. Leave a comment if you like any of these feeders or if I should add any to the list!

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