How to Get Dark-Eyed Juncos at Your Bird Feeder

The end of summer is usually a bummer for me, but the emergence of fall brings a reliable and fun visitor to my bird feeders, Dark-Eyed Juncos.

Juncos, a type of Sparrow, are one of the most abundant winter feeder birds in North America. They are often called snowbirds as they seem to appear abundantly before or after a snowfall.

Where Can You See Dark-Eyed Juncos?

Juncos spend the spring and summer in forested areas in Canada for the breeding season. They return south to their range in the United States in the fall.

I start seeing Dark-Eyed Juncos in Minnesota in late September or early-October. By following the steps I’m going to provide you, I usually have a flock of at least half a dozen Dark-Eyed Juncos visiting my feeding station.

The Dark-Eyed Juncos range map across North America from Wikipedia.
Yellow: Spring/Summer breeding range
Blue: Winter-only range
Green: Year-Round range

Juncos are common visitors in suburban neighborhoods. According to the Cornell Bird Lab, they’re one of the most prevalent backyard birds in North America with 630 million individuals.

So, you’ll likely have success drawing in this bird with a few quick steps. You just need to have their favorite foods on hand and know how they prefer to eat. Everything else is a bonus.

Buy Bird Seed that Juncos Love – Sunflower Seed and Millet

dark-eyed junco, juncos, bird-2752966.jpg winter
Juncos will gladly scoop up any leftover sunflower or millet off the ground from your feeding station

My top two bird seed picks that Juncos enjoy are white millet and sunflower chips. If you have sunflower seed at your feeder, you’ll want to go for chips versus the standard shelled variety. Juncos don’t have large beaks to break open shells. However, they will likely eat the leftover crumbs under feeding stations if you have black oil sunflower seed.

White Millet is an attractive seed to have in a feeder mixed in with other seed, it’s also enjoyed by Cardinals, Mourning Doves, Sparrows, Indigo Bunting, and Red-Winged Blackbirds. Here are a couple picks I’d recommend online if you’re shopping:

White Millet Proso Bulk Bird Seed For Sale on Amazon (10 Pounds)

White Proso Millet bird seed for sale on Amazon. A favorite bird seed for Juncos!

Sunflower Chips for Sale on Amazon (8 Pounds)

Scott Pet Sunflower chips wild bird seed for sale on Amazon.
Sunflower Hearts Wild Bird Seed

Cracked corn is also appealing to Juncos, but I limit my use of it. I haven’t had much luck with birds enjoying cracked corn, minus Starlings and House Sparrows. It’s not worth it.

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Get a Ground Feeder for Juncos

bird, dark-eyed juncos, ornithology-6941070.jpg
Juncos prefer to forage for food on the ground.

Juncos are ground feeders and prefer to forage for their food. They will rarely perch or fly up to a bird feeder to get seed. They like to munch leftovers kicked off feeders or from a tray or ground feeder.

So, it’s worth the investment to buy a ground feeder. In my experience, letting seeds fly about and on the ground is asking for rodents to set up shop at your bird feeders. For Juncos, invest in a feeder that’s as close to the ground as possible. Here are a couple of Junco-friendly bird feeders I like:

Feed Garden Platform Ground Bird Feeder

FEED GARDEN Platform Ground Bird Feeder Tray, Metal Mesh Seed Tray for Feeding Birds, Garden Decoration for Wild Birds and Squirrels, Size 7 x 7 x 2.2 Inches
This is a nice affordable bird feeder to keep bird seed off the ground.

DutchCrafters Large Plastic Poly Covered Ground Feeder with Mesh Seed Tray

DutchCrafters Large Plastic Poly Covered Ground Feeder with Mesh Seed Tray, Platform Bird Feeder, Outdoor Ground Fly Through Bird Feeder - Amish Made in America (Turf Green & Cedar).
Because Juncos are usually winter visitors, it’s well worth it to have a feeder with a roof over the tray to keep the seed dry

Looking for a cheap at-home option? Retire an old baking sheet or tray by filling it up with bird seed and placing it on the ground outside! Also, you can find cheap serving trays that will do the trick at your local dollar store.

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Have Conifer Trees Nearby

dark-eyed junco, junco, bird-3549892.jpg

Speaking from personal experience, Juncos love the shelter provided by conifer trees and will often congregate there before fluttering over to your feeders. I have a couple of pine trees near my apartment and bird feeders. Juncos, and many other bird species, love hanging out in it. Anytime you give birds natural spaces with shelter, it’s a big win for you and your yard.

Provide Water For Thirsty Juncos

All birds need water. This is a universal tip to get more of them visiting you. Since Juncos are winter visitors, a heated bird bath is especially welcome when it’s cold out and open water is hard to come by.

Remember, Juncos want to stay close to or on the ground, so a ground bird bath basin is a fantastic choice:

API Heated Birdbath (With Mounting Hardware)

API Heated Birdbath (With Mounting Hardware). Great for Juncos!
Here’s a good ground bird bath option available online.

Keep Your Feeding Station Safe

With Juncos congregating on the ground, it’s important to keep your yard as safe as possible. So, keep your feeding station clean by raking and sweeping away excess bird seed. If you have cats, do all of your birds (and your cat) a favor and keep them indoors.

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