7 Affordable Bird Feeders with Good Customer Reviews

Are you in the market for an affordable bird feeder, but are worried about buying something cheap and crappy? In this post I did some research on Amazon to find a handful of feeders listed under $25 that also have a customer review rating of 4.5/5 stars or higher. I tried to find a variety of bird feeders, ranging from tube and tray feeders, to hummingbird and window feeders.

These are all good feeders to explore if you’re new to the hobby and aren’t ready to make a sizable financial investment yet. They’ll also be a solid addition to any existing bird feeding station. I’ve also used many of these feeders myself. I’ve been a bird feeding hobbyist for years!

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1. Wild Wings Cedar Tray Bird Feeder

Affordable Bird Feeders - The Wild Wings Cedar Tray Bird Feeder
Tray feeders will draw in just about any kind of feeder-bird. (Photo: Amazon)

This tray feeder is made of cedar wood and holds multiple pounds of bird seed. A tray feeder is a great option as it will support birds of all sizes (like Cardinals, Blue Jays and Red-Bellied Woodpeckers).

The cedar is made to resist fading and water damage. I listed this feeder first because I’d highly recommend it for a first-time bird feeder.

Link to Purchase Here

2. iBorn Metal Bird Feeder with Six Feeding Ports

A tube bird feeders with six feeding ports and full of sunflower chips.
Feeders with ports are great for Finches, Chickadees and Sparrows. It fit in well with my display!

love this feeder, especially if you’re new to bird feeding. It’s a popular stop for my neighborhood birds and it’s easy to use. It’s not made of top-of-the-line materials, but it’s made well enough to stand up to weather and wear and tear.

The iBorn tube feeder has six aluminium feeding ports with a durable metal top. The ports being metal is important in avoiding damage from squirrels. The tube is made of a strong enough plastic. You can read my full review on this feeder linked here.

Link to Purchase Here

3. WOSIBO Platform Metal Mesh Hanging Bird Feeder Tray

WOSIBO Platform Metal Mesh Hanging Bird Feeder Tray. For sale on Amazon.
This is a sturdy, cheap and durable bird feeder that blends in well with a garden setting. (Photo: Amazon)

This hanging platform bird feeder comes with a sturdy steel frame and rust-proof tray. t’s easy to hang straight out of the box and clean between fillings. A nice no-nonsense bird feeder!

Link to Purchase Here

4. A Window Bird Feeder with Suction Cups

A window bird feeder with suction cups for sale on Amazon.
Birds like Chickadees, House Finches and Nuthatches have regularly used my window bird feeder. (Photo: Amazon)

Having a window bird feeder is a great option to enjoy birds up-close from the comfort of your home. The two food compartments allow you to mix up what you’re offering the birds. This feeder is weather-resistant (with drainage holes) and easy to clean.

Link to Purchase Here

5. MEKKAPRO Outdoor Hummingbird Hanging Feeder

A hanging hummingbird feeder for sale on Amazon.
Hummingbirds bring a ton of joy. I love when they visit my feeding station in the Minnesota summers. (Photo: Amazon)

Feeding hummingbirds shouldn’t break the bank! This affordable hummingbird feeder is made of glass, with several yellow feeding ports and perches. The feeder holds up to 10 ounces of hummingbird food. It also has a built in ant-guard on top to slow down bugs from getting to the nectar.

Link to Purchase Here

6. C&S Wild Bird EZ Fill Suet Basket

An EZ fill suet basket for bird feeding for sale on Amazon.
Suet feeders are fantastic for Woodpeckers. (Photo: Amazon)

You can’t get cheaper than this for bird feeding! This feeder is cheap and a suet cake will run you $1-$5. This EZ-Fill Suet Basket is easy to fill and clean with its design. I’ve used this in a pinch and it works great. Downy Woodpeckers get a kick out of it!

It features a wire frame design with heavy-duty metal construction and durable protective coating to hold up to all types of weather conditions. Bring on the Woodpeckers to your yard!

Link to Purchase Here

7. Gray Bunny Ground Bird Feeder Tray

Gray Bunny Ground Bird Feeder Tray for sale on Amazon.
A ground feeder is a great option for Cardinals and Juncos. (Photo: Amazon)

This metal ground-platform feeder is designed to be portable, yet large enough to allow multiple birds to eat at once. Plus, the raised platform prevents waste, keeping your yard clean. This is a terrific bird feeder for ground feeders like Juncos.

Link to Purchase Here

Wrapping Up

Finding the right bird feeder can also be a process of trial and error. If you’re getting started with the hobby, I’d recommend any of these feeders, or a combination of several, as a great starting point.

If the hobby catches hold with you, there’s always the option to invest in bigger and more expensive bird feeders. Have fun out there and thanks for stopping by Dan’s Bird Bites!

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