Review: A Cheap Bird Feeder Baltimore Orioles Love

Years ago, when I was starting my bird feeding hobby, I searched for a cheap bird feeder Baltimore Orioles would be attracted to. I was really excited about the prospect of bringing them to my yard. I ended up buying the Birds Choice Flower-Heart Bird Feeder.

I’ve now used it for years and it’s attracted Baltimore Orioles every single year. I wanted to write a story to share my success and offer up this feeder as a go-to if you’re looking to bring Orioles to your yard.

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1. Baltimore Orioles Range and What They Eat

Before getting into the feeder, you’ll want to make sure you’re in the range of Baltimore Orioles! I’m located in Minnesota and typically see them in Late-August and Early-May. They usually pop in and out for a few weeks as they continue flying north for the nesting season.

Here’s the range map for Baltimore Orioles that I pulled from Wikipedia below. For a more detailed state-by-state map, you can click here for a good one from the Cornell Bird Lab.

Baltimore Oriole Range Map
Red – Wintering Range, Blue – Breeding Season (Spring until Fall) Image Credit: Cephas, Wikipedia

Baltimore Orioles love eating grape jelly and orange slices when they’re flying north for their migration. The sugar is a nice energy boost for them. In the late-summer, it’s best to shift your Oriole offering over to mealworms. That’s more substantial for them as they gear up to head back south for the fall and winter.

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2. Things I Love About This Bird Feeder

A Baltimore Oriole feeder filled with grape jelly and oranges.
Here’s the link to view and buy the feeder on Amazon.

This feeder, which typically goes for around $15 to $23 on Amazon (subject to change), is a hit for Baltimore Orioles at my feeding station. It has two spokes for orange slices and a central dish for grape jelly. I’ve also found that my House Finch and Catbird guests also enjoy eating the oranges from this feeder.

What I like the most about this feeder is that it’s super effective at its main objective…drawing in Orioles. Baltimore Orioles are known to be attracted to the color orange, hence the orange tray in the middle and ornamental jewel on top. It seems to work well at getting their attention. It can take the Orioles a few weeks to find the feeder during their spring migration, so be sure to leave this feeder out starting in April through May.

Without further ado, here’s proof the feeder works for me.

Baltimore Orioles can’t get enough grape jelly in the springtime.

It’s affordable and durable too. My feeder has survived a couple attacks with squirrels knocking the center dish to the ground. It’s easy to hang and set up. Just be sure to clean it every week to keep the jelly cup and spokes clean.

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Oh, and this feeder also looks nice! I could see it matching well with just about any bird feeding station or space in your yard.

3. Things I Don’t Like About This Feeder

I don’t have many complaints. The only issue I’ve run into is that pests like squirrels can easily eat from this feeder. So, it’s certainly not rodent, ant, or bee-proof. But, it’s a small price to pay for some added colorful birds.

A small note, be sure to fill this feeder only halfway up with grape jelly. That helps protect birds from getting it on their feathers!

Filling a Baltimore Oriole feeder with grape jelly.

4. The Final Rating: 9.5/10 (Pretty Much Perfect)

I love this feeder. It’s affordable, looks nice, and ultimately worked at drawing in Baltimore Orioles right away. So, I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to supplement their bird food offerings in the spring and early-summer. Give it a try if you’re looking for an Oriole feeder! It’s a winner.

If you end up buying this feeder, let me know in the comments section below what you think of it.

Also, if you want to shop varieties of Baltimore Oriole feeders in general on Amazon, here’s a link to that.

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