14 Birds That Like Eating White Millet

White millet is a small round grain that’s included in a bunch of different bird seed blends. You can also purchase it on its own.

My advice is to sprinkle millet in a ground bird feeder, as many of the birds who like it tend to eat from the ground. Just be sure to pick a feeder like this one with a fine enough mesh surface. White millet is tiny and will fall through feeders with wide cracks.

You can also add a little white millet to your regular bird seed in any feeder during the spring, fall, and winter. This should result in drawing in some of birds listed below. Millet is really cheap, which is a bonus. So, you can experiment with a practice that works best for your backyard.

However, I’d avoid serving white millet in the summer. I’ve found it doesn’t draw in too many unique birds other than House Sparrows at that time of year. Also, if you’re dealing with pest birds like House Sparrows and Cowbirds, I’d also suggest stopping you millet usage.

Once you put out white millet in a feeder, here are birds to keep your eyes peeled for.

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American Tree Sparrow

bird, american tree sparrow, nature-7105827.jpg

Brown Headed Cowbird

brown-headed cowbird, buffalo bird, molothrus ater-5213754.jpg

Chipping Sparrow

A Chipping Sparrow at a bird feeder
A Chipping Sparrow visiting my “chair” platform feeder in the early spring.

Dark Eyed Junco

dark-eyed junco, junco, bird-2752966.jpg

Eastern Towhee

towhee, eastern, bird-5356618.jpg

Fox Sparrow

bird, fox sparrow, ornithology-7087113.jpg

House Sparrow

sparrows, house sparrow, sperling-4347162.jpg

Mourning Doves

mourning dove, bird, bird perched on a branch-5552510.jpg

Indigo Bunting

indigo, bunting, bird-3590765.jpg

Northern Cardinal

bird, red, cardinal-3979967.jpg
The Northern Cardinal is the state bird of eight states

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Red-Winged Blackbird

bird, red-winged blackbird, wildlife-7885354.jpg

Song Sparrow

bird, song sparrow, wildlife-8111792.jpg

White-Crowned Sparrow

bird, white crowned sparrow, wildlife-8177980.jpg

Wild Turkey

wild turkey, wildlife, bird-6231803.jpg

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