My Review of Wild Bird’s Unlimited Bark Butter – Everything You Need to Know

I was recently listening to my favorite bird feeding podcast, the Wild Bird’s Unlimited Nature Centered Show, and the hosts started talking about Bark Butter. They raved about the ease of using it and that it appealed to a wide variety of birds.

So, I got excited about giving Bark Butter a try. I went to a local Wild Birds Unlimited store the next day and picked up a tub to try at my feeders.

Bark Butter is a spreadable suet product that can go on feeders, or straight on tree bark. It’s made from suet, peanut butter and corn with added calcium. Bark Butter was created by Wild Birds Unlimited Founder Jim Carpenter as a way to draw in Brown Creepers. He realized that not only did it draw in Creepers, but it was popular with a ton of other birds. Wild Bird’s Unlimited touts that it has attracted 152 bird species.

Here’s the full WBU list of birds that have eaten Bark Butter so far if you want to check it out.

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A Container of Bark Butter Suet sitting on a kitchen table.
Wild Bird’s Unlimited Bark Butter – the container I bought was $16.99 for 34-ounces. I’m unsure if inflation has since pushed this higher.

The complete listing of ingredients of Bark Butter are roasted peanuts, corn, rendered beef suet and calcium carbonate. It’s only sold at Wild Birds Unlimited stores.

Wild Birds Unlimited also sells specialized Bark Butter products with bugs, Bark Butter Bits and Suet Cylinders. For this article, I’m focusing on the classic Bark Butter product.

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The Good with Bark Butter

Bark Butter is easy to use. Just open it up, grab a spoon or fork, and spread it on a feeder…or straight to a tree.

Spreading Bark Butter onto a birch tree suet bird feeder.
I applied Bark Butter to my Birch tree log feeder.

Bark Butter quickly became a hit for the Downy Woodpeckers visiting my feeding station every day. The Chickadees and Nuthatches also quickly discovered it. My biggest surprise was spotting a male Northern Cardinal eating it one day. I had never seen a Cardinal eat suet at my feeding station before Bark Butter.

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I love that this is fortified with calcium, a mineral that’s important for birds during nesting season.

I had a good experience with Bark Butter on my feeders. I haven’t tried it on tree bark (I can’t as I live in an apartment complex), but imagine that would be even better. It seemed marginally more popular than the typical peanut suet I put out in my feeding station.

The Bad with Bark Butter

This is an expensive suet product. The 34-ounce container I purchased was $16.99 in Minnesota. AND that was before a lot of inflation that’s since happened…so it might be even more expensive now. Bark Butter is also really popular with the squirrels in my neck of the woods. However, Wild Bird’s Unlimited also sells a spicy version of Bark Butter that squirrels will avoid. It’s more expensive, but I’d recommend it if you have persistent critters in your yard. You’ll save money by having squirrels avoid it.

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The Final Rating: 7/10 (Good)

I enjoyed Bark Butter and it was a hit for my typical suet-eating birds. It didn’t bring in any new birds to my feeders, but was one of the most popular items for my regulars.

The cost of this product is what keeps me from giving it a higher score. Every bird feeder should give Bark Butter a try at least once. But, regular suet cakes are more affordable and work just as well. A suet cake typically runs me $1 to $4 and will be just as popular.

I’ll be excited to try the other Bark Butter products from Wild Birds Unlimited in the future, especially the Bugs and Bits, in an attempt to drive new birds to my feeders.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Bark Butter that you can buy on Amazon, a product called “Tree Icing” is for sale. I haven’t personally tried this product, but it has good reviews, especially with drawing in Woodpeckers.

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