A bag of Wagner's Bird Seed on a desk

Review: Wagner’s Deluxe Treat Bird Seed is Cheap for a Reason

Wagner’s Deluxe Treat Wild Bird Food is one of the most purchased and highly-reviewed bird seeds on Amazon. It’s cheap and has an extraordinary high 4.7/5 star rating on the website at the time of this article. However, after buying the seed and seeing it myself, I’m making a bold claim that this bird seed isn’t worth your money and that you should consider alternatives.

A hopper bird feeder with space for suet cakes.

Review: A Bird Feeder Cardinals and Woodpeckers Love

When I started bird feeding a few years ago, my top goal was to attract a Northern Cardinal. I’ve always been enamoured with this bird. Recently, I’ve been lucky to have a pair of Cardinals visiting the Solution4Patio Homes Cedar Bird Feeder I have hanging out. With that, I wanted to write a quick review on the feeder, and why I think it’s worth buying.

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Review: A Cheap Bird Seed Cardinals Will Love

It’s no secret on my blog that the mighty Northern Cardinal is my favorite bird to visit my feeders. I’ve been testing out different bird seeds from Amazon recently and was impressed with the price and quality of the Audubon Park Cardinal Blend as a bird seed Cardinals will love.

My Birds Choice Cedar Hopper Feeder and a House Finch

It’s Time for me Change Gears Here

I want to be honest, it’s been tough for me to write here lately. I’ve prided myself on writing fun and educational content to attract more readers to this website. However, I feel I’ve been going through the motions and haven’t been excited about it. That, and viewership to this blog has tanked over the last month.